Charger FRARON - AC/DC


The chargers are devices that converts AC current into DC current and controlling the charging process. 


1. Series FRLG12   



Type FRLG 12/12
Cod Produs LPC00072
Tensiune baterie (Vdc) 12
Tensiune de intrare (Vac) 110-230
Tensiune de incarcare (boost) 14.4
Tensiune de incarcare (float) 13.8
Curent Iesire (Amp.) 6
Racire Fan
Numar iesiri 1
Frecventa de lucru 47-63 Hz
Randament > 85 %
Temperatura de lucru -25 to 50C
Dimensiuni lxwxh (mm) 155x80x36
Greutate (kg) 0.9
Capacitatea recomandata a bateriei max 120 Ah
Switch over current (A) 0.17-0.23
Siguranta secundara (A) 7.5
Garantie 2 ani


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