Solar Pumps - water pumping


1. Solar pump  LJ


A highly reliable type of a no circle motor. No battery is necessary. This pump is maintenance-free and works with a small 12W solar module already very well. It can be used for the supply of drinking water, for solar water heating and garden irrigation, as well as for a pump for beach showers. It is a low flow type and there are no problems involved with sand.


  Product Code LPP00010
Model LJ10
Solar Pump  
Power 12W
Voltage 12V
Dimension 50x25x20 cm
Weight 5,2 kg
Maximum lift 10m




  Product Code LPP00011
Model LJ20
Solar Pump  
Power 12W
Voltage 24V
Dimension 50x25x20 cm
Weight 5,2 kg
Maximum lift 20m




2. Pompa solara SPRING


Solar Spring horizontal axis piston submersible solar pumps.

200W nominal DC system using owner of one single light bulb. Air-cooled motor can run dry. Two balanced pistons with a diameter of 40 mm (1.58") operating with strokes from 1mm to 1.5mm at a frequency up to 3000 rpm bear all the workload. Capacity to 11m3/day.  Submergence below water to 100m. All parts operate within natural materials.  Stress levels up to a head of 150m (500ft). Sub-system efficiency energy in to water out up to 60%. Tolerates sand. No trackers or batteries needed. This is to be considered the world's most advanced solar pumping technology.


  Product Code LPP00008
Model SSP
Solar Pump SSP
Power 0W-200W
Voltage 24V-80V
Weight 14kg
Maximum lift max. 250m



3. Solar pump SQ Flex 

Installing the SQFlex Solar requires no special tools as the solar modules plug straight into the system. The SQFlex Solar can be run economically and remains virtually maintenance-free.

SQFlex pumps have a built-in protection feature that protect the pump itself and in many cases the well. Among these features are:

Protection against dries running, overloading and overheating. Automatic restart when water returns to the well or when the motor temperature returns to the safety range. Continuous load condition and voltage monitoring.





SQ Flex for horizontal and vertical mounting
incl. Motor MSF3 1 x 90-240V, Rp 11/4
Solar Pump SSP
-10%/+6%, 50/60 Hz, 2m motor cable
with integrated MPP-Tracking


Cod Product Model Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg)
LPP00013 SQ Flex 1.2-2 1225x74 9,7
LPP00014 SQ Flex 0.6-2 1185x74 9,4
LPP00015 SQ Flex 2.5-2 1247x74 10
LPP00016 SQ Flex 5A-3 815x101 9,6
LPP00017 SQ Flex 5A-6 875x101 10,3
LPP00018 SQ Flex 8A-3 920x101 11
LPP00019 SQ Flex 14A-3 975x101 12,4



 4. Solar pump Shurflo 9300


Shurflo's 9300 pumps are backed by 25 years of research and engineering experience.

Typical applications include drip irrigation, stock and wildlife watering, remote homes and cabins. The most common use is for remote homes and stock watering.

For all but very shallow wells a pump controller should be used, or you can buy the complete kit, which includes the 902-200 Shurflo controller as an alternative.



- Water blocked electrical connector.

- Quick disconnect - no splicing needed.

- Accepts a variety of jacketed cables.

- Strong, yet lightweight - only 6 pounds.

- Corrosion proof housing with stainless-steel fasteners.

- Dry running capability without pump damage.

- Internal bypass feature for pump protection.

- Long life, 24 volt DC operation.


Product Code LPP00020
Dimension 95x305 mm
Weight 3,2 kg


Positive displacement 3 chamber diaphragm pump
Motor: Permanent magnet, thermally protected,
24 volts DC, 4.1 amps maximum. (P/N 11-175-00)
Internal bypass:105-110 PSI
Maximum lift: 230 feet (70 meters)
Maximum submersion: 100 feet (30 meters)
Outlet port: 1/2" (12.7 mm) barbed fitting for 1/2" ID tubing
Inlet: 50 mesh stainless steel screen


4. Solar pump Shurflo 2088 12/24 V de pressure

The Shurflo 2088 series pumps are considered the workhorse of the small diaphragm pumps. They are used in a variety of transfer and dispense-on-demand applications where flow up to

3.6 gallons per minute is required. Applications include RV's, remote homes and cabins, and marine. These pumps are not designed for continuous heavy-duty use.

For added reliability the Heavy Duty Strainer (#252-3300) or the Twist-on Strainer (#170-061-09) can be used on the inlet port.

Install the optional 4" heat sink (#34-007) for heavy-duty applications where extra cooling is required. The 2088 are our most popular line of small delivery pumps.


2088 Features:

Self-priming up to 12 feet

Can run dry without damage

Optional motor cooling fins

One-way check valve prevents reverse flow

Available for 12 VDC, 24 VDC

Automatic operation with pressure demand switch.



Shurflo Deluxe 2088-443-144 LPP00021
Deluxe delivery pump, 3,5 GPM,12VDC, 30m, 10 l/min,  
2,8 bar water pump, 7A, 1/2" MPT port threads


Shurflo Premium 2088-514-145 w/Fin Cooled LPP00022
Premium delivery pump with heatsink, 3,6 GPM, 12VDC,  
30m, 13,5 l/min, 3,5 bar water pump, 6A, 1/2" MSPT port


Shurflo Sealed Premium 2088-414-534 LPP00023
w/Splash-Proof ShurCoted Motor  
Premium delivery pump totally sealed, 3,6 GPM, 12VDC,
30m, 13,5 l/min, 2,8 bar water pump, 6A, 1/2" MSPT port


Shurflo Deluxe 2088-474-144 LPP00024
Deluxe delivery pump, 3,0 GPM, 24VDC, 30m, 11,5 l/min,  
2,8 bar water pump, 7A, 1/2" MSPT port threads  


Shurflo Sealed Premium 2088-574-534 LPP00025
Premium delivery pump totally sealed, 3,6 GPM, 24VDC,  
30m, 13,5 l/min, 3,5 bar water pump, 6A, 1/2" MSPT port

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