2 mini solar panels for maximum power return.











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Maximum output: 6 Volts / 250 mAh
Dimensions when folded: 137 x 76 x 22 mm
Weight: App. 125 grams
Charging time:

Mobile phone:
AA batteries:
2-3 hrs
10-12 hrs.
Charging times as indicated is under full sunlight conditions and are averages.

Reverse current protection circuit integrated to prevent batteries from being discharged when no sun

Smart chip technology/electronic switch integrated to arrange exact stable current needed for your mobile application.

Designed and developed in Norway.



  Charge your phone in bright weather conditions or under a lamp 

  (min. 60W at  20cm):

  • Open panels, turn them towards the light source and wait a few seconds.
  • LED will turn bright green.
  • Put switch in battery position to arrange charging start-up.
  • Connect your mobile phone with the wire designed for your phone brand.
  • When your phone starts to charge, put switch in solar position to move to solar  charging only as otherwise you will use the AA batteries (see below).
  • Your phone will be recharged to app. 75 - 80% of full capacity in 2-3 hrs.
  • Some phone models might stop charging after app. 30 minutes. Then please restart charging as indicated above for continuing charging your phone.

  Charge your phone in less optimal weather conditions or even at night:

  • When insufficient light, leave switch in battery position.
  • LED will turn soft green.
  • Phone will be rapid-charged in app. 1 hr. to 50% of its full capacity when integrated AA batteries are fully charged.
  • After app. 1 hr. the red LED will turn on, indicating that you would need to recharge the integrated AA batteries within short.
  • The red LED indicates that the batteries have lost only app. 20% of their capacity, so they are not empty and can either be recharged or used in other applications.

  Charge your rechargeable AA batteries:

  • When the LED turns red, batteries would need to be recharged.
  • Open panels, turn them towards the light source and wait a few seconds.
  • LED will turn bright green.
  • Put switch in battery position to start recharging the AA batteries.
  • Recharging time from the LED turning red to the AA batteries being fully charged again, will be app. 2-3 hrs., depending upon the amount of light available.
  • When the batteries are taken out to be used in other applications and fully used / empty, full recharging will take 10 – 12 hrs., depending upon the amount of light available.


  • A strong and durable pocketsize solar charger for various mobile appliances (e.g. mobile phones, PDA’s, portable audio) and/or 2 AA-batteries

  • Charges even with light from a 60 W light bulb

  • The 2 integrated rechargeable AA batteries will work as a power back-up or can be taken out to use in other equipment

  • Patented smart chip technology integrated in the charger guarantees you that it works!

  • Connecting wires available for Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and Siemens mobile phones

  • Connecting wires for other products such as PDA's, Digital cameras, portable audio, etc. coming shortly.


SOURCE™ rights and patents by IdéFix, Norway
(c) Copyright 2004 LP ELECTRIC SRL. all Rights Reserved