Wind Turbine "Scirocco"




Scirocco is a 5.6 m diameter rotor, 6 kW output professional-scale  wind generator ideal for remote sites with medium power needs, such as small farms, houses, or large homesteads and especially rural or village electrification, sea water desalination, direct electrical water run-of-the-wind pumping .Scirocco is characterized by low rotation speed, a very high efficiency, more particularly  in the lower to medium wind speed range which is prevailing most of the time . This is the result of the conjunction of an optimized 2 blades rotor, an efficient direct drive PM generator, and variable speed management combined with the maximal power point tracking control following the constantly varying wind speed.







Cod Produs  LPE00353

Rated Output Power

6 kW at 11.5 m/s  and above (useful power at electronic output)

Cut in wind speed

<2.7 m/s

Rated wind speed

11.5 m/s

Survival wind speed

60 m/s

Rotor diam. / swept area

5.6 m / 24.7 mē


2 FV+ Epoxy blades, aluminum root insert, hollow technology

Power & Overspeed regulation

Full span stall centrifugal device (fully sealed mechanism)

Rotation speed

80 to 245 rpm


synchronous NdFeB permanent magnet generator, fully sealed


passive by downwind tail


sealed slewing rings on blades and yawing


18/24/30m std. tilt up guyed towers, galvanized steel


202 kg (complete nacelle with rotor and generator)


annual inspection



Noticeable points, energy production starts from less than 3m/s, rated output power is obtained from 12 m/s and remain constant up to the maximum windspeed (60 m/s), thanks to the overspeed centrifugal full span stall control device. These unique features make the Scirocco unit the most powerful WT of its class, without equivalent on the market, with a real energy production which is superior to those of some 7m diam. wind turbines. Tip speed is limited to 70m/s for low noise and low wearing.

Download performante tehnice


Pentru a vedea cum functioneaza o turbina Scirocco puteti vizualiza videoclipul din stanga . Filmul are o dimensiune de 930Kb, in fomat AVI si poate fi vizualizat folosind Windows Media Player.



Tower Scirocco (pilon) 

Download estimare viteza vant


Product Code Model Details Tower Height (m)
LPT00012 TOWER-18m

4x guyed, 3x tubular section galvanized, incl. erect. gin pole, base and anchors 




MWI Scirocco - Wind generator Inverter Stand Alone (independent)


Download MWI Scirocco


Product Code Model Details Power
LPI00133 MWI-Scirocco

stand-alone or grid-tied mode inverter 1x110/230VAC-50/60Hz Power max. 5.2kW

5200 W



Aurora Scirocco - Grid-Tie Inverter 


Download AURORA Scirocco


Product Code Model Details Power
LPI00134 AURORA-Scirocco

maximized efficiency 2-stage grid-tied inverter 1x230VAC-50Hz Pmax. 6kW

6000 W



Heating Scirocco - Heater resistors 


Download HC5K Scirocco


Product Code Model Details Power
LPR00079 Eolian HC5K

output for max. 7kW-230VAC heater resistors 

7000 W



Battery Charging Scirocco - Controller 


Download Controler incarcareBC6K


Product Code Model Details
LPC00043 BC 6k-48V

48V battery bank charger 



Water pumping Scirocco


Download water pumping


Product Code Model Details
LPP00027 Eolian DPC

direct el. tie PMG-asynchronous centrifugal pump drive, breaker + level relay (2) for centrifugal pump motor 3x230V - max. 3KW  




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